I love Light. The vibration that different things emit when they are bathed in all the variables of light that exist in a given moment. I spend much of my time being in the moment, being fully present with what IS in that experience. I like to notice what is with me in a moment and tune into all the myriad of colors and frequencies of Light present.

I get joy from Photography because in essence it is “drawing with light”. It lets me be fully present in a moment and bring that moment into my vision again and again to “see” and notice different nuances and the light that was present.

I grew up in a family of professional photographers, cinematographers, television and sports directors and producers… all different ways we used our own energy signatures to draw with light and capture what we noticed. One thing I took away that was different than the usual flow of those experiences was to “play” with the light and the moment. To enjoy each moment and to have a connection with each moment and all that I interacted with in that space and time.

With my focus on “play” even when hard at work… I have discovered that life is unfolding right NOW. Being tuned into that changes everything and makes the flow of life such a pleasure to experience.

I enjoy focusing and three areas of “photographic moments” for myself and my clients:

Paws at Play- the vibrancy and joy of dogs enjoying their sport and playing with their human best pals

Bumble Bee’s View- the wonders and beauty of things up close where color and light capture our imagination

Moments on Gaia- usually nature or landscapes, most importantly that instant where the “subject” is completely in the moment and letting their “light” shine.




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